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Rebel Temple

Yoga | Dance | Coaching | Retreats 

Worldwide with Isabel


Sometimes we all need a hand, a bit of extra support. 
This is Rebel Temple - for those who seek to know themselves better, to find the ways in which they can light their life and soul on fire. For those who may need some support in weathering the storms, or an ear to listen when they don’t quite know where else to turn. For those who are wanting to find more space and peace in their body, more surrender in their emotional spaces, more quiet in their mind. 
With a focus on movement, holistic health, and balance, this is a supportive space for everybody, whatever they may need.

  • Find out more about what can best support you on your journey.

    30 min
  • By donation or "Pay what you want" for Online Coaching, Yoga or Tarot.

    1 hr
    Koha -Donation Based
  • Dive deep and step bravely into your dream life.

    1 hr
    $555 for 6 Weeks
  • Coaching to enhance & support you as you navigate your life path.

    1 hr
    75 Australian dollars
  • A focused and informative way to practice that suits YOU.

    1 hr
    75 Australian dollars

  • 45 min
    60 Australian dollars

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